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Cypress Hill other songs:

Can I Live lyrics - Cypress Hill

["Oz" Soundtrack]

Can I make money motherfucker? (Yeah)
Is that alright wit'chu? (No doubt)
Can I travel? (Word, Skull & Bones)
Can I have a nice motherfuckin car? (Hell yeah)
Thank you (KnowhatI'msayin)

Can I live? (Yeah)
Can I live - can I live?
Can I live - can I live? (Yeah)
Can I live - can I live?
Can I liiivve?

[B Real]
Can I live, who willin to give me applause?
Half note, gotta get mine and open the doors
I want a FAT crib, on the hill, after my cause
I need a fine woman, cuz I ain't fuckin wit yours
Can I live? I wanna take care of my fam
All the haters can't bait us, they don't know who I am
You gonna learn soon baby, when my heat'll expand
When I slay suckers everytime, I foil the plan
Can I live? Why not? I'm makin it hot
Like the rubber gets when I start rockin the spot
DAMN! She gotta have it in the parkin lot
Better come get her cuz she's still in my knot
Can I live? Get your hand out of my pockets
I'm buck-nutty, tear your arms out of the sockets
People wanna talk no matter how much I rock it
Pull my dick out, run about for niggas who jock it
Can I live - Can I live? [x4]


Can I live? Livin life under the scope
Tryin to hang with the leader, let me give you a rope
All them Mexicali niggas always lookin for hope
After one turns, bitch-niggas learn not to coke
Can I live without any battles to face?
Hell no, I gotta war when there's paper to chase
The story for the glory's never without a race
I'm like an animal huntin blood, I need a taste
Can I live? Critics never leave me alone
In my hood, I was always taught to go for the dome
I'm the Dog never show you where I bury my bones
Take your title then I leave your ass without a throne
Can I live, how come you don't show me your love?
Gotta catch yo' ass slippin like I'm wearin a glove
Suckers wanna push me and I'll give 'em a shove
Cuz busters always act brave up in the club

[BR] Can I live - Can I live? [x4]


Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na

[B Real]
Can I live? I know you won't give me the freedom
Cuz your kids coem, but you don't want me to lead 'em
When I spit words for refrain people will heed 'em
Wanna find ways to shut me up and get me to eat 'em

Can I live, is it an impossible mission?
I break it down for all those who ain't seein my vision
All you suckers gotta live with, every descision
You a train wreck, comin up on the collision

[B Real]
Can I live? Basically I'm tired of thangs
You wanna walk around talkin, tryna fuck up my name
But when the scandal comes though you can't handle the shame
When you see me, know your thinkin how to explain

Can I live? I bring yo' ass over the hump
We tryna get money so we can be livin like Trump
You can't slap that cuz you fall into a slump
Don't test me I still got my "Hand on the Pump!!"

[Hook x2] [second hook w/ B Real in background]

Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na

Can You Handle This lyrics - Cypress Hill (feat. Barron Ricks)

[Intro: Barron Ricks]
That's right nigga, dynamic duo style, what?
Green horn in a cadle style motherfucker

[Barron Ricks]
Oh shit, my styles' progress like hot sex upon a firm matress
But limit the techniques to get freak
Now look at me, Cavarsay, Cognac, VS'll be puffin' the don-deago
Macanoodle, out armadayo

Yayo, up, ready to sell and bail, we niggas afrail
(Post-dated, put 'em in the mail nigga)
I'm the hill figure, deliver your body to the river (uh)
How you feelin' (how you), how you livin' (how you), how you breathin'

[Barron Ricks]
Fuck it, whatever's clever, fort and sex and def or real I got your back
Which ever Squadron you attack yo I attack
I got my automated Mossberg, hand on the pump
ready to dump, so yo we gettin' dum-de-de-dum-dum-dum

Dum-de-de-dum, when they hearin' the gats hum like a siren
Niggas they be, barkin' and whilin'
Thuggin' in stylin', holdin' the dope smilin'
Yo, smooth, what you pilin' up, go make a move

[Barron Ricks]
Yo, path for Central Harlem where niggas be sparkin' son I beg your pardon
Ese rollin', if you got it, pass it to the margin
If you want it greedy, come and get it
Aiyyo, we got it, Cypress, Cannibus Seeteeva, fuckin' freak of shit

Motherfuckers refuse to loose my whole crew, don't get it confused
Don't light a fuse or get bruised
Like a gat I'll have to bust your ass or feel the blast of the shot glass
full of jack and smokin' hash

[Chorus: B-Real]
(So can you handle this) They can't fuckin' handle this
(So can you handle this) It be that Cypress Hill shit
(So can you handle this) They can't fuckin' handle this
(So can you handle this) Handle this, y'all can't fuck with this

Back up in the mills of the Cypress Hill
You catchin' a thrill, coppin' a feel, the whole steel
Everybody put their blunts up in the sky
Cause everybody's sparkin' the dutches and gettin' high

[Barron Ricks]
At 1-5-5, the city bread it, exit, got that method
Yo, what y'all infected, we crashin' fords ain't no substitutions
Me and B-Real want all our restitution's
that means our back pays so niggas pay up
Now, what the FUCK!!

I'm an addict, addicted to static and bad habits
Bringin' the magic, opposite the Nina Milli Automatic
War is war, a battles' a battle, the gat'll be your friend
It'll be your end, it'll be your shadow

[Barron Ricks]
Now y'all shadowboxinists, irrational, rap new recruitin'
dirty denim, timb boots, hummin', gunnin' for his competition
Listen yo, we all be on that trivial don't change shit
lame shit, Cypress is all about the Mary Jane shit

No competition can handle the whole mission
Bitches are wishin' me on but they won't last long
Family ties are fly, do you do or die
You try to escape, all the visions up in your mind

[Chorus: B-Real]
(So can you handle this) They can't fuckin' handle this
(So can you handle this) It be that Cypress Hill shit
(So can you handle this) They can't fuckin' handle this
(So can you handle this) Handle this, y'all can't fuck with this

Can't Stop Won't Stop lyrics - Cypress Hill

Watch me attack the brain with dope lyrics
The broadcast worldwide don't can't you hear it
Everywhere you look around nothin' but soldiers
Sickside do or die big money holders
I know you, you got a chip on your shoulder
Walk around talkin' like your runnin' shit's over
Never hesitated to the fray take suckers out
Roll 'em up smoke 'em and take those fuckers out
I don't follow I got the hollow point shell
With these swell headed busters yo I ring bells
You don't know me I bring the streets where you livin' at
Killers hustlers and thieves remember that
Makes no difference to me my strategy
Seek the enemy crush 'em into a memory
Say a prayer
Then spit on his grave, crack slayer
Layer the flows the players and hoes
Awaken the pros forsakin' the foes
Rakin' the dough breakin' the shows
For stickin' my nose tu te onas
Don't wanna follow but you wait on us
Break a leg for my weight when you fake on us
'Cause the two faced bitches can't gain my trust

[Chorus : B-Real & Sen Dog]
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
And you can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop

[Sen Dog]
Nothin' you can do when a crew cut you open
Go and take a hit third eye but I be scopin'
I fuck around and say some shit leave ya frozen
Niggaz are scared of shit like they broken
See I go buck wild when I bust a style
You can't fade this man from the tropical isle
So damn versatile I'm mad I never smile
So take this here and stick it in your file
Never been a man or woman to get over
Her she'll be catchin' a bus with that stroller
Him he'll be tastin' my fist when I roll the
Two face sucker down the roll I'm supposed to
Soak what they say that's the wrong way to play
But intallas goin' down know what I sayin'

[Chorus : B-Real & Sen Dog]
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop

[DJ Muggs scratchin']

You can't stop the bum rush crushin' those bitches
I've dropped the death touch put you outta business
Everybody wanna do the shit that we do
We're the live feature you're the preview
See you on the battle ground better bring two
Time for subtraction punk this means you
Give me your bag of weed so I can chill out
If you're blind then you gotta feel what Real's about
Explore whither in to the unknown
Roll deeper in the battle zone find your way home
We hold heat high streets play the monopoly
Watch these soldiers here break you off properly
Heave it your ass off the mic my property
Watch these soldiers here break you off properly

[Chorus : B-Real & Sen Dog]
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop
You can't stop and you don't stop

Child Of The West lyrics - Cypress Hill (feat. Roni Size)

["Blade II" Soundtrack]

I traveled many miles above the dark road ahead of me
Obstacles in front of me but I kept movin' steadily
Enemies wanted to face off, grip the fingers threaten me
But I ain't goin' out grip and sit firm and readily
I'm a child of the wild west keepin' you guessin' constantly
Usin' this lumen and y'all don't know how to respond to me
It's simple, keep ya mouth shut I don't care what ya want from me
Pump up the volume so ya eardrums are rattlin'

[Hook x2]
Hurt em' then I murdered them
Think that's competition cause I've never heard of him
I hurt em' then I murder them
If they come runnin' up I make them hurt again

Your rhymeness and blindness, just find out who was rhymeless
The shit weighs out in a month, the loss goes on timeless
Ya rolled into crimeless, aggravated and shineless
I designed this for the lost who need to find this
The blind baby and maybe you need someone to lead you
Stop actin' like an infant, I'm tired of force feedin' you
You can't keep runnin' from the destiny that's meetin' you
It's your own soul, your own ghost that keeps beatin' you

[Hook x2]

[Sen Dogg]
Pump up the volume so ya eardrums are rattlin'
This is just a warning before I begin battlin'
Unsensible with ya actions with ya tractions
I'm facin' the methodical, serial rhymes in my state
Meets periodical, we're in a hostile, colossal
Situation and it's possible to get from the bust, bust, bust
From penetration, lyrical blows
You cynical hoes are speechless


[Sen Dogg]
The psychological, projectile article missionary
Start to realize what the fuck in speech is scary
It's diabolical, straddle on top of you
When mister rebels spray levels of melodical
With doses of venom, big toke go hypnotic
Go for broke cause if ya lose control ya end up in the hospital
Incomprehensible, unconventional, go go go
From eventual tactics

[Hook x2]

Cisco Kid lyrics - Cypress Hill (feat. Method Man, Redman)

["How High" Soundtrack] 

We gonna get you high [whispered in background x6]
Let's get high [whispered in background x2]

I flow rhymes off just like weed in your chest
Think you got endo, hold your breath
Spittin on the track with Red and Meth
Holdin up a fat, when you smoke a cassette
Or CDs, we bees the ones with the Ouija's
Spread it on the arm, come on believe me
Look who it is, it's the funky feel
Smokin assassin from Cypress Hill
We think she's just resonated?
Fillin my brain till it's saturated
When you get the crushed weed and cultivate it
Give it to the hoes who love to hate it
Cause blunts get filled like Hershey Highways
I don't give a fuck who sits where I blaze
Chillin at the rainbow high and faded
You saving that bump(??), then isolate it

[Method Man]
Is there a Doctor in the house?
We like fuck that, nut sacks in your mouth
Lemme show you what a thug about
We can talk or we can slug it out
Better yet, you can bark like a bitch when I thug it out
There it is, a better a kid, ahead of his
Time to settle this, like men
I'm pipin hot, exciting
Right in the gym or hype in them, alright then
All day I drink and smoke
Shell toe with ankles in ya both
Cent, five cents, ten cents, dollar
Rocwilder blend the track and getting hotter
Ask your boy, now pass your boy something to smoke
Cause you have had nothing to throat, swallow
Bang the track, bring your bat
Ain't too many that can hang with that
So why bother

Cisco Kid was a friend of mine
Hell yea
Cisco Kid was a friend of mine
Hell yea
He drank whiskey, Pancho drank the wine
Hell yea
He drank whiskey, Pancho drank the wine
Hell yea

[Cypress Hill]
Yea, send all, and fall back
And who wrote on this track
I don't really give a fuck
Put the pen down lets toss them up
Soul assasins, Latin thugs
Whole damn world know about us
Rhymes we kick and weed we pour
Get tus vatos all fucked up
And sing along to my get high song
Had you choking off of four foot bong
Cypress Hill and weed, can't go wrong
Keep you smoking like Cheech and Chong

Yo, call me that Doctor
P-Funk or chronic blower
Pussy smoker, strap toker, back broker
Hash burns in your pull out sofa
This is my brain on drugs
Move out my way cuz, cause I might run you over
Bitches bounce your titties
I bounce with a pump shotgun
Look out, the highest man in the world
Walkin off with my hand on your girl
Can't drink and can't stand in the world
Niggas, two puffs and then pass me the L
What you talking about I'm not high enough to start that party
Triple beater enter the stage with a gauge
Don't shoot nobody
What you ain't high enough?
Do I gotta jump out there and tie you up?
Strap a bomb to your mouth
Till you wired up
Till the Park Ranger call the Firetruck
And said “Hey motherfucker, what you be smoking on?”
I said “Hey motherfucker, why do you want some?”
Yo, yo, give me the gun, we don't need to fight
Hold that blunt, I'll give you a light
Don't no nigga want to die tonight
With all this weed, get high tonight.. BITCH!

[Chorus x2]

Crossfire lyrics - Cypress Hill

On the high seas, it's the pirate
With the musket
At'cha head, and I'll fire it
"It's the return of the Red Beard!"
And Polly don't want a cracka'
I'm gonna make you back up
With the wind in the sail
Destination on to the temple
Where the boom lies in the ?bin full?
Outlaws ridin' beside me
I see a ship on the horizon
Comin' up, and I'm realizin'
It's time for another uprisin'
I'm manin' this attack by suprise n'
"Avast mates, fire up the cannon"
Right on the enemy's vessel it's landin'!
Look at all these ships sinkin' low, and goin' down
With the captain, that's goin' under
Let no man put us under
When me and my ship's rollin' like thunder

Ghost rida'
On the seven seas fiya'
Pump that cannon when the flames get higha'

I'm still on the high seas
Smellin' that salt of the ocean breeze
Feelin' that heat of the sun on my face with a 'Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum'
When you see my flag in the distance
You better run and call for assistance
"Cuz we're comin' on the pillage,
Killin' all the men, and takin' all the gold and the riches in the village"
"Pull up the anchor! Swap with the bounty!"
Headin' for the east where my enemies hound me
They wanna hang me for high treason and chivalry
And for many other reasons
Wanted dead, and a handsome reward for any motherfucker who delivers my head
"Shiver me timbers!"
I'll burn your bloody ass to a cinder
So all you motherfuckers remember


[Sen Dog]
Think of the many moons I been away from home
On the seven seas or wherever I roam
Black Beard takin' you down to the galley
How does it feel with my sword in your belly
You can face the cold shank
Or get ?blind funk it? when I'm makin' you walk the plank
Standin' over the edge in the dark

[B:] "Feed his bloody ass to the God damn sharks!"

[Sen:] The sound of a neck bone snappin' is what'cha in fo'
When ya on ya way to the sea flo'

[B:] "Sixteen men on a dead man's chest"

[Sen:] I killed them fools and I'll kill the rest

[B:] "I am what I am!"

[Sen:] And I'm not a land lubba'
When ya hear the musket, you all take cova'

[B:] "Fire one, fire two, fire three!
Don't ever forget about me!"

[Sen:] 'Cause I'm the ghost rider' on the storm
Keepin' the cannons warm


Do You Know Who I Am lyrics - Cypress Hill

Uh, uh, yeah..
Do you know who I am? [x3]

I'm in a deep yo
Peep though
Things are on the fallout
Kids all lookin' to peel my way back
I figure that shit out
The other day
The review mirror
When things are closer than they appear
Tear shit down hit the corner
Cut through the alley
Seen a fine chick
Didn't have time to rally
I remember you but I gotta dip
Skip the fuck out
These niggaz are following me from behind nigga
They can't fade us so eliminate us to get famous
It's all painless
I'll show 'em what insane in the brain is
Maybe they'll run, or find out what the rain is
They want beef fuck giving it to 'em shameless

Do you know who I am?
Do you know my lifestyle I don't think so....
Do you know who I am?
Do you know my lifestyle maybe you don't...
Do you know who I am?
Do you know my lifestyle I don't think so....
Do you know who I am?
Do you know my lifestyle I don't think so....

They can't wheel with the ruckus
Motherfuckers get wicked in situations
That causes a nigga to react
More to the back in the corner
Know what they say
Caught a nigga live on to fight another day
Maybe fight and not appear
Maybe they want it
Maybe you niggaz following my tension
I dispatch the troops quick then give 'em time
Didn't give 'em a second to push me over the line
Between that the humiliation that's on my life flash
Gun blast, all out confusion
The smoke clears
Foes crawlin' outta here
Snap fingers like magic, they disappear
These bitches had it no question never bloody
Never fuck with nobody who's crazy!


I'm in this world hell called life
Willin' to risk it
Pop the disc and you ain't bustin' a biscuit
Fools think they heavy weight
They never wait
Like a nigga tryin' to get pussy on the first date
They federate, whenever hate if you want to
Kill me in my soul will come back to hunt you
You never sleep, never get rest
Feelin' the cold breath, you're the opposite of ever last
You never last!
Pass 7 days of madness
After my soul path
The spiritual plane is weak, nigga you need to fast
'Cause you're bitin' my shit
Mouths full but don't follow
My shit's acid burning your stomach making you hollow
Best learn who you're fucking with
Before you try shit
You might die with my name caught in your eyelids
See that, weave that, inhale the weed sack
I be that nigga willin' to die for what I'm feeling

EZ Come EZ Go lyrics - Cypress Hill

I'm in the city of sunshine
But don't be fooled!
They say it never rains
I can tell you: "That ain't true."
Cause when you hustle on the streets
So that you can feed your family
Depending on what you hustle
Niggas could just kill a man!
The game of life
I'm a full-time player!
Never settle for less I keep searching
For what's greater
Inspite of any hater portrayal
I keep it moving
Never fucked anyone over
Cause it comes back later!
At the dump it's a long fall
When you hit the bottom
People remember all the attitudes
You shot 'em!
The minute you fall
You're as good as forgotten!
Thought you had it all
But it all went rotten
But no many times I have failed
I've never let anything get in the way
Of my dreams and hot spells
I stay focused with my mind on the price
And if you try to block me
Then we push you aside!

Yeah, that's right; yo!
Hip-Hop veteran!
Gon' tell you that we better than most of these fools out here!

Easy they come when you got the dough!
It's the Hill, baby! (it's the Hill, baby!)
It's the Hill, baby! (it's the Hill, baby!)
Easy they go when you got no mo'!
Spit it real, baby! (spit it real, baby!)
Spit it real, baby! (spit it real, baby!)
C'mon! (c'mon!)
Easy they come when they want your soul!
Shit is real crazy! (shit is real crazy!)
Shit is real crazy! (shit is real crazy!)
Easy they go when yo' shit gets old
Shit is real crazy! (shit is real crazy!)
The game is so shady lately! (the game is so shady lately!)

This business ain't nothing
But a series of comebacks (comebacks!)
Write you off as dead 'til you
Come back with a bomb track! (bomb track!)
Man you got to save food
Cause they said you washed-up (it was washed up!)
Even if your prays nothin'
All over your hot stuff! (all over your hot stuff!)
That's right I believe in myself and my talent (that's right!)
Skills have been diminshed; motherfucker
There you have it! (there you have it!)
You got to learn the game
Master every angle (master every angle!)
Like a zen master runnin'
The triangle! (runnin' the triangle!)
Just when they think
That you're all dried up (you're all dried up!)
Surprised that they asked when
The back don't cut! (when the back don't cut!)
All around the globe
Keep a silent fan base, (shut up!)
Hip-Hop icon -
Tell you what it takes! (tell you what it takes!)
Patience, persistence. -
Perseverance! (perseverance!)
Know it in your song, they gon' love it
When they hear it!
[?] the career been down
And [?] for years!
Nobody's takin' me out;
I'll decide when I'm outta here! (I'll decide when I'm outta here!)

That's right y'all!
EZ come EZ go!
[?] Cypress Hill, dog!
We takin' it forever, G!


I got love for every fan
Ever part of the plane
So while you can take some pictures
And sign some autographs
Share a couple of hits
Of my kush [?] is you should ask
But if you push!
Then I put my foot in your ass!
Not many in this game would
Last so long
So they can get what they can
Before the time is done
People are gona stay with you
But you must never mislead them
But if you treat them wrong
Lead them on they'll say: "We don't need you!"
Then it's back to
The streets to square one
Now you're screaming:
"This ain't fair!" Yeah
But nobody cares!
You had the money and the cars
Big house and pearls
Jewels and hot beats
So that you could spit out words!
So much time and emotion invested
From being on top;
Nigga, can't get arrested!
EZ come, EZ go;
When they forget who you are
Forget you were star
Forget you in every regard!

My maaan... still comin' at-chaaaaa!


Greed lyrics - Cypress Hill (feat. Kokane)

[Kokane laughing]

People are so, so greedy
Tired of fake homies, homies, homies
(Why they hatin' on me)
I don't know what...
(Y'all expect from me)
In fact I'm tired of...
(So-called fake homies)
You reall ain't said nothin'
Only come around...
Act like I owe ya something

[Hook: Kokane]
What make lifetime groups break up (GREED)
Oh, what make yo woman take yo cash and don't give a fuck (GREED)
Destroys successful record companies (GREED)
And put chu' in yo grave and you rest in hell

[Sen Dogg]
It's a motherfucker man, they all greedy
You get cho' head put out for shit that you don't need
Some fools baller status just ain't enough
There's always some other nigga out there that got it mo' plush
You don't gotta be a rich man to be content
Some niggas got it all but don't know where the good times went
The quality of life can only be enhanced
When ya trust other motherfuckers and uh give em' a chance
Don't mistake my kindness as a weakness
Cause I work out my mental as well as my physical fitness
I've seen a lot of fools get caught up in this greed business
All it gets you is on everybody's shit list
Greed is like a disease, something sort of psychologic
Once ya take the gun ho ain't no way to ever stop it

[Hook: Kokane]
(GREED) What make lifetime groups break up (GREED)
Oh, what make yo homie take yo cash and don't give a fuck (GREED)
Destroys successful record companies (GREED)
And put chu' in yo grave and you rest in hell

How many faces of greed have you seen
That would make a good man fall and a woman plot and scheme
Even a homie on ya team is suspect
When it comes to money and power an all you expect
They try to put their hands in ya pockets with out chu' lookin'
But when I find you out ya whole world's shookin'
And they're relentless, the quest for the ends is endless
You lose yo senses and you get beatin' senseless
But there's others you can't do nothin' about
Cause they're on a higher level and they hold too much clout
But in time, in the end they'll pay
When they're standin' before the man on Judgement Day
Standin' there but what excuse can you give
You reduced to shit because you refuse to give

(GREED) What make lifetime groups break up (GREED)
Oh, what make yo homie take yo cash and don't give a fuck (GREED)
Destroys successful record companies (GREED)
And put chu' in yo grave and you rest in hell

(Why they hatin' on me)
I don't know what...
(Y'all expect from me)
In fact I'm tired of...
(So-called fake homies)
You reall ain't said nothin'
Only come around...
Act like I owe ya something

I'm Still #1 lyrics - Cypress Hill

Funkmaster Flex, is down with us
KRS-One, he's down with us
The Wu-Tang Clan is down with us
Busta Rhymes you know he's down with us
Naughty and Fat Joe are down with us
The MAAD Circle are down with us
Def Squad, is down with us
?DN's and Mike M? are down with us
Dr. Dre you know he's down with us
Julio G he's down with us
Sway and King Tech, are down with us
Makin funky music is a must... I'm #1! [one echoes]

People still takin rappin for a joke
A passing hope, or a phase with the rope
Sometime I choke and try to believe
when I get challenged by a million MC's
I try and tell them, we're all in this together
My album was raw, because no one would ever
think like I think, or do what I do
I stole the show, then I leave without a clue
Whattayou think makes up Cypress Hill?
Concisive teaching, or very clear speaking
Ridiculous bass, aggravating treble
Rebel, renegade, must stay paid
Not by financial aid, but the break of hits
causing me to take long trips
I'm the original, teacher of this type of style
Rockin off beat with a smile or smirk
or chuckle, yet some are not up to
Cypress Hill Posse, so I love to
step in the jam and slam, I'm not Superman
Cause anybody can
or should be able, to rock a turntable
Grab the mic, plug it in and begin
But here's where the problem starts, no heart
Because of that, a lot of groups fell apart
Rap is still an art, and no one's from the old school
cause rap is still a brand new cool
I say no one from the old school cause rap on the whole
isn't even twenty years old
Fifty years down the line, you can start this
Cause we'll be the old school artists
And even in that time I'll say a rhyme
A brand new style, ruthless and wild
Runnin around, spendin money havin fun
Cause even then, I'm still #1! [one echoes]

Soul Assassin crew of course
comes to express with styles galore
Ways of rhyming, old and new
Past and present, knock knock who is it?
A brand new style, RRRAH time to change
People talk about me when they see me on stage
Live in action, guaranteed raw
I hang with the rich and I work for the poor
And after all you can say you saw
Cypress Hill, stompin once more
I play it by ear, I love to steer
the fifty-seven Bel Air from here to there
I grab the beer, but not in the ride
Cause I'm not stupid I don't drink and drive
I'm not a beginner, amateur or local
My album is sellin, because of my vocals
You know what you need to learn?
Old school artists don't always burn
You're just another rapper whose had his turn
now it's my turn, and I am concerned
about idiots, posing as kings
What are we here to rule, I thought we're 'sposed to sing
And if we are to sing, then let us begin to teach
Many of you are educated open your mouth and speak
A Cypress Hill soldier, is something like a total renegade
Except I don't steal I rhyme to get paid
Airplanes flyin, overseas people dyin
politicians lyin I'm tryin
not to escape, but hit the problem head-on
from bringin out the truth in the song
So C-H-P short for Cypress Hill Production
Made a little noise cause the crew was sayin somethin
People have the nerve to take me for a gangsta
an ignorant one, somethin closer to a prankster
Doin petty crimes goin straight to penetentiary
but in the scale of crime that's really elementary
This beat is now compellin me, to explain the silence
why my last jam was so violent
It's simple, Cypress Hill will teach reality
No beatin around the bush, straight up, just like 'My Weed is Free'
So now you know, a poet's job is never done
But I'm never overworked, cause I'm still #1! [one echoes]

MC Eiht, he's down with us
Big Boy and Ralph M are down with us
ReFugee Camp, is down with us
Khartoum and Vigga V are down with us
Call O' Da Wild is down with us
Psycho Realm, is down with us
Lifestyle Car Club is down with us
Makin funky music is a must, I'm #1! [one echoes]

Ice Cube Killa lyrics - Cypress Hill (feat. Shaq)

Gimmie that beat, bitch! ([vocal sample:] "We Are At War")
Ding Ding Muthafucka
It's round two
I got my lunch and my dinner fool
You think we gonan bow down to some punk ass niggaz
We from the evil side, boy

[Chorus: B-Real (Shag)]
Doughboy (Killa), Wack 10 (Killa)
Doughboy (Killa), Wack 10 (Killa)
Doughboy (Killa), Wack 10 (Killa)
Doughboy (Killa), Wack 10 (Killa)

In about four seconds some east side niggaz
Is gonna put the foot in the ass of Doughboy and Wack 10
I suggest you stay tuned muthafuckas

[B-Real's verse]
It takes two of you faggets to get with one of me
Now I'm running up in you hoes
With "No Vaseline"
You could be the big fish
Bring your drama
Fuck your mama
I'll bring the pack of piranhas
You tried to pull a ditty, ho
But you the one who got the alternative rockers up in your video
You get addicted
You can take your four W fingers and stick it in Mack 10's ass and lick it
Ice Cube is a thing of the past
If I got no nuts it's because they're still stuck in your ass
You're the King of punks
King of busters
King of thieves
Now get down of your fuckin' knees (Shag: Bow Down)
Start to sucking

You try to remake NWA without Dre and Ren
Dub's cool
But you're fuckin' up with Mack 10
Silly little philly
I'm back tearing'
Can you really see my machine gun turrets?
Open and aimed at your fat little frame
How can I miss?
I'll twist your cap and take your name
Analyze it
My name should be Mack 11
I'm a higher caliber MC
There's no question
Anytime you wann run up
You get dealt with
You get melted
"Check Yo' self" (bitch check it)
Ice Cube, you better tell'em (tell 'em mutha-fucka)
Muggs made the best songs on your third album (biatch!)
Shag (spoken):
You and Wack 10
Can't deal with this
Cypress Hill to the muthafuckin' fullest
Fuck y'all
So what'cha wanna do?
Bring it on, nigga
This is Shag from the Neighborhood Family
Shag's verse:
Mack 10 is a bitch
Suckin' Ice Cube's dick
But what you faggets know about some gangsta shit (B-Real: Nothin)
Let's take it to the streets
And fight like real g's
What you niggaz wanna do?
You can't fuck with these
Ain't never had a strap
Now you wanna gangsta rap
Come can't to your hood
'Cause you're scared to get jacked
Fuck peace, this is war
Everybody on the floor
When I see your fat ass
I'm takin' one to your jaw
Fuck you
Fuck your mama
Fuck your whole clique
Better yet, fuck every nigga that you're down wit'
Can't stand bitch made niggaz
Ice Cube, youse an actor
Not a muthafuckin' killa
What neighborhood you from?
What don't you ever done?
When the shit goes down
You the first one to run
Everytime you talk
Got a mouth full of drama
Only missing you done
Is going to church wit'cha mama
B-Real's verse:
You got the Real-a
Swingi' of fmy nuts
Cube Killa
Break yourself niga, huh!
Give a lick-a
You ain't a killa
You a busta
Bitch made niggaz
I never trust ya --Cube's "Can't trust 'em"--
Hoes like you can't figure out where you're from
Are you from South Central, the Westside or Compton?
Mack 10, the only thing you hoggin' on
Is Ice Cube's nuts
Now he's all in your guts
You wannabe like him
But you got no skills
If he's the king
You must be the queen of the Hill
But I shank the Cube's fat neck
'Cause "A Bitch Iz A Bitch"
And a bitch don't get no respect
No doubt
Westside Connections means
Ice Cube's stickin' his dick in Mack 10's mouth (Aahhh!)
All of your homies are down wit' my clique
Why you always gotta be bitin' my shit
And you don't know one bitch on my dick
But yours is best get a blood test for your kid
Only bangin' you done was with toy figures
Your mama wouldn't let you hang
With real g niggaz
Bring your clique on
You wanna scrap
So let's get it on (bullets for some chingazos, ese!)
Mack 10
I gibe you a year
I guarantee
You'll realize that you're getting' fucked
And you'll run to me
You pretty little trick
You look real sweet (Mmmm!)
I should make you one of my hoes like
Cube was for Eazy
Doughboy, you're fuckin' around wit' the real Cuban
I'm no fictional Scarface movie land bullshit
Actor, studio gangsta
You should win an award
For most outstanding wax banger
Fuck what you been through
What you're going through
East Side family, nigga
What you wanna do?

That's right nigga!
East muthafuckin' side
'Til' we die, nigga!
Fuck all you punk ass niggaz!
Cube 187
Mack 10 187
Any other unk ass nigga
Who wanna take this beat
We hit niggaz up like that
We bicoastal, nigga
Cypress Hill family
Niggaz better recognize
We here to chastise
Nigga, hoo bangin'
That's how we hoo ride nigga
No love for none of ya'll punk ass niggaz
East coast nigga, West coast
We don't give a fuck
Talk shit get shot, nigga
That's how we feel, nigga
Niggaz get killed,
Caps get peeled fuckin' with Cypress Hill
Yeah, I thought you knew nigga
I represent muthafucka
How does that sound nigga
Cypress Hill Family
They're gonna fuck all ya'll biggaz
(Chris Tucker sample: "You got knocked the fuck out man…)
(Cypress Hill sample: here is something you can't understand
How I could just kill a man...)

Just Another Victim (Tazz Theme) lyrics - Cypress Hill


[Chorus x2]
So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard
[Just another victim]

Growing up in these streets of brooklyn
Out here in the hook where ya world gets shooken
Thug life's a tough one, my life's a tough one
Don't make me have to reach out and touch one
I'll break ya frame up, turn the flame up
Run ya name up, cuz you're a lame duck
The tazzmission leads you to submission
You're just another victim, here to rock the friction
I want it all and if it's lead through you
I'm gonna get mine, So you know my name
Be aware cause the mood's about to change!

[Chorus x4]

Let me tell ya exactly what will happen
When I choke punks out and people start clappin
Switch into mega phase and feel the rage
Of a psycho destroyer that you can't just take
Down for the count cause I just won't let it
I'm here to break bones, Ring the bell, And let's get it
Arm for the strong just like gladiators
Rip out ya spine like the second terminator
Haters ain't got no time for the tactics
I can see through you and the child like tactics
No advances, No chances, Oppositions get a beat down
[Beat him down, dog]

[Chorus x4]

I got no friends, No allies, Hell rises quick
No love for nothing of you, Cuz you despise my trip
Keep your distance, I don't need your assistance
Cuz I'm built to last, And made for resistance
The pitbull territer, Bone crusher
When I lock on y'all, You scream like a busta
Cuz that's the only way we know out here
When you're a thug, You're always taught to show no fear
My flow hit em dead, Him with anybody, And I'll make sure
That none of these son of a bitches get up
Gonna get mine, So you know my name, Beware
Cause the mood's about to change

[Chorus x4]

Mary Jane lyrics - Cypress Hill (feat. Sonic Youth)



Ready To Die lyrics - Cypress Hill

[Chorus: B-Real]
Are you ready to die, ready to die, tell me
I see your look in your eye and its deadly
better pray to the sky and get ready
when you decide come on tell me

[Verse 1]
You got a choice in life with a fork in the road
got your back turned with your eyes closed with a blindfold
when you open them up there's a signpost
enter at your own risk better find out where your home is
some chose the streets livin a life outlawed
doubt you'll see me spittin'my game southpole
careful with the choices you make
you gotta live with them, can't you hear the voices you hate
how do you deal with them
some took another path felt they own wrath add drugs to the math
cut the life spans in half from deaths to cold sweats
to soul lets go into the abbys
we are gonna miss you yo


[Verse 2]
I put my fist up I ain't gonna hit you nigga
I got no regrets I ain't gonna diss you nigga
I just pray for you even though you're hard headed
you made your own bed and I hope you don't get wetted
I took the wrongsteps too but I learned from them
I drew heat from my niggaz like the burning sun
but like all lessons I need a self check I still got my strap
but now I use my brain as a weapon
could have stood left chose death no bread underfed
all these niggaz spraying lead pushing on me laying dead
this ain't gonna happen yet bitches I'm a fucking vet
if you're coming for my head you can get a slug instead
every nigga something something dues are they even fucking paid up
what do you say to all the haters writing in the fukin papers
homie wake up or we take up all the ground that you can't make up